Monthly Income

This is the third post in my Free Budgeting Guide. To get caught up, click here.

Include your take-home pay

Add your total take-home pay as well as the amount you make per paycheck. Don’t worry if your pay varies each month; you can adjust these numbers each month as you get paid.

Calculate the Total Remaining Pay

Subtract your total payments from your total take-home pay. You know now how much money you have remaining each month after paying all of your expenses.

Find the amount remaining per pay period

Subtract each pay period’s take-home pay from its expenses. This amount should equal the Total Remaining Pay that you found above. You now know how much money you have left at the end of each pay period.

Double-check that all your amounts are accurate and that everything is calculate correctly. You want to make sure everything is right as you move on to the final step: Adjusting and maximizing your zero-based budget.

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